Make sure your "death style"  reflects your "life style"

Just as you consider your environmental footprint during life, consider the environment with your "death style". Cremation contributes to global warming because the practice deposits greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, and mercury into the atmosphere. The process can take up to four hours and can only begin after the temperature inside the retort has reached between 1,400 to 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit. And that takes an enormous amount of energy.


Retorts are most often heated by burners fueled by natural gas. A human body usually contains a negative caloric value, meaning that energy is required to combust it. This is a result of the high water content; all water must be vaporized which requires a very large amount of thermal energy. To sustain these temperatures,"one body on average consumes so much fuel that 573 lb of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere"(Chem. Eng. News, 2010, 88 (26), pp 41–42).


Do your part in making your "death style" match your lifestyle - help the planet keep its cool. Together we can make a difference!