Make a difference with a Carbon Neutral Cremation

We encourage everyone to take responsibility in reducing their carbon footprint. First, take reasonable conservation actions to preserve the environment. Second, consider purchasing carbon offsets. Third, purchase products from environmentally conscious companies, including your cremation provider.

Making a difference is as easy as 1-2-3!


  1. Conservation is easier than you think and often pays for itself through energy savings.

    Start by identifying the source of carbon dioxide production in your daily life. For most people, one of the main sources of carbon dioxide emissions is driving. Cars and trucks alone account for a whopping 25% of all U.S. carbon emissions. Easy actions such as proper tire inflation and routine maintenance, accelerating smoothly and slowly, driving the speed limit, carpooling, taking public transit, buying locally and making your next vehicle purchase a fuel efficient one all make a difference. Other sources of carbon emissions include air travel, household energy use, and products that are shipped long distances.


    There are many resources that identify common sources of carbon dioxide production and ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Here are several:

    • Foundation provides a variety of ways to save energy and reduce what you can. Make sure to sign up for the e-newsletter.
    • Play the Bonneville Environmental Foundation's tips & games to expand your knowledge of how to shrink your carbon footprint
    • provides a weekly tips to reduce your carbon footprint
    • The David Suzuki Foundation discusses four places to cut your carbon and hosts the Queen of Green blog. Check out the post on holding a clothes swap.

    In addition to helpful hints, these sites provide carbon calculators and many reference materials.


  2. Purchase carbon offsets

    - Quickly calculate your personal carbon footprint using carbon calculators provided by our offset partner


  4. Do business with carbon neutral companies.

    Only 40% of the average American’s carbon footprint is due to their direct energy use. The other 60% is indirect; it comes from everything we buy and use. Your cremation is part of your indirect consumption - we think it should be carbon neutral! Check out our environmentally friendly providers and contact us if you don't find your preferred provider.


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